Special Offer from the LB Foundation

The LB Foundation ( a non profit organization ) is offering a 37 minute DVD encompassing a fascinating journey that will lead you from the embryological and biological beginnings to the electro-physiological functions of the myocardial heart band. Heavily detailed containing interviews with leading cardiologists and cardiac surgeon. $ 49.00 plus shipping and handling of $6.95 (when shipping in the continental USA.) Please call Michelle Evans at 1-614-252-6342 ext. 221 to purchase.

To Order the HELICAL HEART MODEL print this page and follow the instructions below.

Acrylic stand included with the purchase of the model

Six minute cd

Order the helical heart model and receive a 6 minute cd-rom and our
unconditional guarantee for your complete satisfaction!

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Questions about your order? Please call Michelle Evans at (614) 252-6342 ext. 221

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.