The Helical Heart DVD has received the prestigious international Freddie award for 2005.
The Freddie represents the International Health and Medical Media Award for the best presentation of new advances and research in the practice of medicine in the category of basic and clinical science. Click here for more information...

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Cardiac Dance, The Spirals of Life
The University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

The Cardiac Dance | The Spirals of Life from Richard Cawood on Vimeo.

Cardiac Dance - The Spirals of Life is an excursion into the rarely explored realm where science and art meet - for the educational purpose of understanding the heart in health and disease.

This unique program combines the exploration of the revolutionary surgical technique which restores normal form and function to the heart.

The dance demonstrates the joy of harmonic movement, the tragedy of heart attack, and the salvation and rebirth by rebuilding the heart though surgery.

Originally presented as a live performance in May of 2007 by the Dance Department of the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, The Cardiac Dance - the Spirals of Life was re-staged specifically for the camera and shot with state-of-the-art HD equipment in order to achieve a broader learning exposure in sharing this unique scientific and artistic experience.